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What are YouTube Views?

Your definition of a YouTube view may differ from what YouTube actually counts as a view. When you assume all a viewer has to do is to click on the video for it to count as a view, you would be wrong.

YouTube has one main, overarching goal when it comes to counting views — to ensure that views are coming from real, living, breathing people. They have to be picky and choosy when it comes to what a view is, as many users in the past have attempted to deceive the platform through the usage of a range of tools, from sheer brute force to sophisticated bots. Why would users do this, you ask? It is because the number of views is a key factor in determining the amount the video maker earns through monetization. Without security measures in place, monetization on Youtube would be a nightmare.

In order to ensure that a view comes from an actual person, there are two main factors at play.

1) The user has to click on the video
2) The user has to watch the video on YouTube for at least 30 seconds.

For the second factor, the watch time of 30 seconds does not include time skipped, meaning that a user skipping ahead 30 seconds while truly only watching 5 seconds at the start would only count for 5. Repeat views are also limited — the same viewer can only count towards the total view count up to approximately 4 to 5 views per day. Views have to be logical as well. YouTube will not count views from users that leave spam comments on videos; neither will they count views of videos on autostart.

How can I get more YouTube Views?

So how exactly can you get more views? It is crucial to ensure that you first keep your basics in check. What is your target audience? What kind of videos are you making? It is also essential that you keep a consistent visual identity, with an icon, channel art, and banner all relating to you. This will allow views to tie these to your channel and will help you gain a following. Do a short write-up in your About section, detailing who you are and what you do — this will lay expectations out for your potential viewers.

Research is not to be looked down upon, either. Ever wondered why and how certain results are more likely to show up as recommendations whenever you search for something on YouTube? Ever noticed how you are most likely to click the top recommendations? You can take advantage of this through YouTube SEO; optimizing your videos such that they appear near the top of YouTube's results list. How this can be achieved could be through relevant keywords — you can put these in your title, as tags, or as your video description.

An eye-catching thumbnail is the cherry on the top and helps draw the initial attention of would-be viewers. The title and thumbnail work in tangent, acting as sort of a combo, grabbing a viewer's attention. Unfortunately, the default thumbnails provided by YouTube are simply screenshots of your video. Customizing and creating personalized thumbnails makes your videos seem higher quality, and adds an air of professionalism to your videos.

How to make my YouTube Videos better?

Start by sticking to a consistent, but achievable, upload schedule. According to research done, YouTube channels that post more than once a week perform much better and achieve a higher amount of recommended views. While it is ultimately up to you, if realistically possible, try and stick to a schedule of 2 to 3 videos a week.

A schedule will allow you to get into the groove of things, and allows you to develop your own style of video making. Aside from this, an interesting hook at the start of every video keeps your viewers interested. Think of it as an essay; the introduction sets the premise of the rest of the paper, and most importantly, keeps the reader engaged. A YouTube video is no different. Be it an interesting anecdote, or a rhetorical question targetted at the viewer, a hook is key to improving the quality of your YouTube videos.

Another general tip would be to keep your videos focused. What this means is that your videos should not include your monologues, long pauses, or uninteresting tangents. Your viewers are staying because of the hook initiated earlier on; do not let them slip away. Keep your videos fast-paced and energetic, avoid long silences, and use visually appealing transitions to move from one shot to another.

To end off your videos, an end screen would be fitting. End screens do not have to be complicated, and can simply consist of only your channel, web page, and another one of your videos. Whatever the case, the primary purpose of the end screen is to make it as easy as possible for viewers to click on another of your videos.