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Why Are Twitter Followers Important?

Twitter is a great platform to express your mind and share articles, videos, personal stories, and opinions. For brands and personalities, it is an excellent tool to increase traffic to your other social media accounts that can translate to sales, profit, and sponsorships.

Furthermore, Twitter can give you or your brand a respectable reputation and authority, especially if you have a large following, which suggests that people respect your ideas and opinions and that you give the audience the types of content that they want.

However, getting noticed on Twitter by your target audience can be a tricky feat especially if you currently have a few followers. First, Twitter uses short-form content at a time made up of 140 characters per tweet, making it harder to engage the audience. Second, Twitter’s algorithm uses your tweet’s level of engagement such as retweets, clicks, favorites, and impressions to rank your tweet. Third, the number of your followers and your location is also a huge factor for your tweet to rank on top.

Along with the relevance of your tweets, if you don’t have the followers and engagement already, getting ranked and featured on top will be difficult, thus, your tweets will remain unnoticed despite your hashtags and efforts in creating your content.

How Social Fellow Can Boost Your Twitter Account

To get your tweets to rank and to reach more Twitter users, you need more followers and a higher engagement rate. But if you’re not a celebrity and you don’t have many friends, you won’t be able to get your tweets to rank if no one is paying attention, even if you have the most relevant content and well thought out ideas.

With the help of Social Fellow, you can reach many followers, likes, views, and retweets, easily. We offer several packages that offer various numbers of followers, all are real people with real accounts who would see and appreciate

your tweets, helping you rank on top. You can get retweets, likes, and views as well, from real users, not just bots and fake accounts.

With Social Fellow, we give you followers and engagement the right way. Unlike free services that claim to offer the same service, our followers are legitimate accounts that will not be flagged or banned by the system. Fake accounts and followers can easily be spotted by the system and by potential followers, which can destroy your credibility. With our trusted service, you don’t have to worry about getting banned or suspended because of using dummy accounts as followers.

Importance of Having an Active Twitter Account

In Twitter and most social media platforms, having a high number of followers, retweets, favorites, impressions, and views are often associated with greater influence. With higher engagement comes greater authority and respect. Here are some ways a high-engagement account can help you:

  • — You’ll feel that your opinions are heard and valued

  • — Your tweets will rank higher on top

  • — Your tweets can get featured and be shared more, reaching a broader audience

  • — You can direct your followers to your website and other social media accounts

  • — Engagement can translate to sales and profit for brands or sponsorships and partnerships for influencers

With Social Fellow service, you can maintain a high engagement Twitter profile, which can land you on top of rankings. Your active account with a substantial number of real followers, likes, retweets, and views will give you the ability to reach more people and be heard by a wider audience.