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What are Spotify Plays?

Spotify, an online music streaming service, allows users to watch the number of times a song has been played on its platform. This practice is called "plays," where each play represents one instance of a user listening to or watching a piece of media on Spotify.

Spotify plays are one way musicians can see how popular they are on the music-streaming platform. They're determined by using a series of numbers to represent each song's play count, along with things like hashtags used in captions or descriptions, views tallied up from user subscriptions, and likes garnered from posts about different songs or artists, etcetera. These numbers go towards determining an artist's overall popularity within the community while also giving them an indication of which songs people want to listen to based on how many times they've picked it out of all the options available at any given time.

How does it work?

  1. A user opens a song they want to listen to, whether it's a Spotify Original or a cover from an independent artist.
  2. They then press the play button and wait for the song to finish playing. If this is one's first time listening to the music, it will not count as a play towards that song/artist until it has been listened to entirely at least once.
  3. The number of plays displayed on one's profile page can be seen next to their username in the top right-hand corner of their screen – typically above the bio section – and under the "Your Likes" tab if you're using an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.
  4. These plays accumulate over time and thus can be seen as a measure of one's activity on the music streaming platform.

Why does it matter?

For artists, having a high number of plays on their songs indicates that they're more popular and listeners enjoy their music more than those whose play counts are low or nonexistent. This can help these musicians attract new fans and further their careers by allowing them to perform alongside top names in the industry at big concerts and events. The number of shows they play indicates how much interest there is in them as performers, as venues pay attention to what gets people excited enough to spend money on seeing it live. Additionally, the higher one's subscriber count for their YouTube channel – another place where users can listen to music – is, the more likely big-time promoters might be willing to work with them as well.

In addition to seeing an artist's play counts on their profile pages, users can also see those of other artists on the official Spotify Top Lists website as a type of popularity contest for which listeners can vote. This allows people across all geographical boundaries to discover new songs and artists they might not have come across otherwise – a significant factor in helping struggling musicians attract attention from new audiences who might enjoy their jams more than the current one they're embroiled in.

Spotify Plays are an excellent way for struggling artists to gain notoriety and catch the attention of venues and major record labels alike. By having high play counts on Spotify, musicians' profiles become popular enough to attract the eye of new ears while also standing out on Top Lists for users to vote on.

How do I get more Spotify Plays?

There are ways to increase the play count on Spotify itself. They are as follows:

  1. Use popular hashtags to get more plays on the platform
  2. Pay for fake followers to get more adds, views, and eventually, more extended periods spent listening
  3. Boost your online presence by joining relevant groups or creating your communities where you post music people will want to listen to
  4. Promote other artists whenever possible while staying active within the community through contests, giveaways, etcetera
  5. Interact with other users' posts that include any link you might have posted, whether it's a song or video that would likely interest them based on what you know about them from previous interactions/conversations

What is the difference between a song and an artist?

Song: An individual piece of music that can be played using Spotify.

Artists: The owners of specific songs who upload them to their profiles so that listeners can access, stream, and play each one whenever they want.

How does someone get paid for getting plays on Spotify?

Every time a song is played, the artist earns money from those plays as long as people pay to listen to it. This also applies if someone puts their music under a playlist or uses other free promotion tools like social media shoutouts or even Wikipedia to increase its visibility among different audiences.

Who owns my songs?

You do, regardless of how many times it's been played. Every time someone streams your music, you receive royalties for the amount of money they've spent on their premium account.