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What are Spotify followers?

Spotify is home to thousands of catalogs from thousands of artists around the world. Finding what you like can be difficult at first but following your favorite artists can help curate your Spotify to your specific, musical taste. Spotify has something for everyone, this allows for a larger and more diverse audience to use the platform for music, audiobooks, and more. People are most likely to follow Spotify profiles that are best suited to their own likes and interests as well as to keep up with the latest releases by their favorite musical artists. On the other side of things, gaining followers is a great way to show support to these artists from the public. By following a profile, you show your appreciation and acknowledgment of the artist or curator's work whilst also allowing Spotify to recommend accurate content for you to enjoy.

Following the profiles you like and enjoy does not only show support and appreciation for the content creator but also allows for this type of music or content to show up on your feed. This allows for a feed that is more tailored to your interests and opens the door to discovering new artists and curators of content that you would similarly enjoy. In addition to this, by following your favorite profiles, you never have to miss the latest music and content posted by them as you will very quickly be notified of newly posted content on Spotify.

Not only does following your favorite pages allow for many added pros, but receiving followers also has its advantages. A growing following makes your profile more and more popular and allows your content to reach a much wider audience. A growing following is also an indication of career growth and progression, especially if you are producing original content. Authors, artists, and more have the opportunity to make their hard work public and gain recognition for what they have created with a quick and easy click of a button.

Why are Spotify followers important?

A large following on Spotify can be a great way to rapidly expand and make a name for yourself within the music industry. New artists on Spotify may find it difficult to get started with many of them saying that the first 1000 followers are always the hardest to get. Although this may be difficult, attracting a lot of followers to your profile can help you increase your income by increasing your overall plays. Reaching new audiences can come in a variety of ways. Followers can help you increase your total plays by having your catalog included in various playlists and recommended tracks to users on Spotify.

Having an account with a lot of followers also indicates that the Spotify account is actively in use. Accounts that are active have the best shot at growing in popularity on Spotify. Active accounts get more exposure on Spotify and can be heard by a wider audience through independent and Spotify playlists. This means that the activity on your profile can allow your content to reach new people, increasing the likelihood of growing your following and fanbase. The number of followers you have comes with status and can help grow your image and brand within the music industry. This number adds to your success and this popularity can be leveraged for many other business and marketing-related activities as well.

This popularity and activity can allow you to earn more money with every song played under your profile. The more followers you have, the more people are exposed to your catalog of content on Spotify. This directly translates to more income under your profile and can even lead to individual sales and popularity on other platforms. As more people become exposed to your content, the higher the chances of creating a dedicated fan base for your art. At the end of the day, growing your following both on and offline is the best way to cement your position within the industry both artistically and financially.

How to view your Spotify followers list

Your followers on Spotify are a crucial part of why you do what you do. Growing and maintaining your followers is key to becoming popular on the platform. To view the users that are following you on Spotify, doing so on a mobile device is slightly different from using your PC or Mac. Below are the ways to view your Spotify followers list on both the mobile app and on your computer.

To view your followers on a mobile device:

  • To begin, launch the Spotify app

  • Log in to your Spotify account if you are not already logged in

  • Click the settings icon in the top-right corner of your screen

  • Select ‘View Profile’ on the settings page

  • Tap the ‘Followers’ tab to view your followers list

To view your followers on a computer:

  • Open the Spotify app on your computer

  • Log in to your Spotify account if you are not already logged in

  • Click on your profile name in the top-right corner of the window

  • Tap the ‘Followers’ tab on your profile to view your followers list