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What are Instagram Followers?

Although several things have changed since the launch of Instagram, followers remain at the core of the platform. This is mainly because long-term popularity and growth are driven by comments, likes, views, and several other forms of engagement which cannot be possible without having a core and a dedicated number of followers.

Generally, when a user enjoys your content, they are likely going to want to see what you post in the future. This is the main reason why Instagram and many other social media platforms have placed the following system at the center of their applications. This creates an extremely easy way to grant people direct access to all your future posts, including videos, photos, stories, reels, and much more.

In addition to this, Instagram also tends to count the total number of your followers. This means that, at any given time, you can see how many accounts are following yours. So, depending on the popularity of your content, your follower count may range from zero to millions.

If you would like to get more information about the people following you, we highly recommend that you look through your follower list. This provides an easy way to check through the accounts that are supporting you, as well as remove any unwanted followers.

Why are Instagram Followers Important?

Having a high number of followers is what makes using Instagram a truly enjoyable experience. They help to bring natural engagement by liking and commenting on your posts, watching your reels and videos, and sharing your content through the internet. Essentially, your followers are the drivers that help to boost your account and extend your sphere of influence.

In recent years, influencer marketing and other affiliate programs have also taken Instagram by storm, and more money is being poured into this form of advertising than ever before. So, if you are looking to leverage your Instagram account to earn extra money, then having a high number of followers is also extremely crucial.

Most brands involved in influencer marketing only tend to pay attention to accounts that have a high number of people supporting them. Naturally, this is because the more followers you have, the greater your reach. An account with only a few hundred followers will struggle to command a great amount of influence, making it much more difficult for them to run a successful marketing campaign.

On the other hand, if you have an Instagram account with thousands of people already supporting you, then simply sharing a product will have the potential to reach tons of people. Essentially, the more followers you have, the more money brands will be willing to pay you to market their product.

Instagram followers are also extremely important for credibility. While Instagram started as a platform for sharing personal pictures, it has transformed massively in recent years. Today, many small businesses use their Instagram account as a point of first contact and gain most of their customers through the platform.

However, one of the many things that potential buyers will look at before making a purchase is your total number of followers. The greater the number of people following you, the easier it should be to convince customers to make a purchase. If you don’t have enough followers, then most people may struggle to trust your business and will be far less willing to part with their money.

Keep Your Profile Active and Engaging!

People on Instagram love to be greeted with new content each time they swipe down their timelines. This is the main reason why having an active account on the platform is the key to growing your followers, as well as gaining all the benefits that come from a larger audience.

Unfortunately, most people tend to be picky and prefer to keep their following count as low as possible. So, if they visit your profile and see that you have not updated your page in months, then they may simply believe that your account is now inactive. This may easily lead to them choosing not to follow you, despite your previous content being extremely interesting and engaging.

Accounts that are allowed to gather up dust also tend to quickly lose followers. Most people tend to go through their following list every few months, dumping accounts that are not producing any new content in the process. So, we highly recommend that you constantly update your page to maintain your follower count.

If you are unsure about how many posts you should be creating each week for your audience, we highly recommend that you turn to similar accounts and study them. However, you may easily find that this will depend on your niche. In some cases, your audience may demand two to three posts every week, while for others once a week will be completely fine.

In any case, we highly suggest that you continue to engage with your audience as often as possible. Not only should this lead to more people viewing and engaging with your content, but it may also lead to tons of new followers for your Instagram account.