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How to view a private Instagram

Is it Possible to View a Private Instagram?

When you are surfing through Instagram and looking for more accounts that you can follow and engage with, you are sure to eventually come across an account that clearly has content, but has it locked behind a privacy layer. How are you able to view this content if the person has it locked down?Well, Instagram users usually have good reasons for wanting to lock their content down. Maybe they want to curate their audience more closely, or maybe they are trying to protect themselves from potential online stalkers. There are plenty of reasons to want to make your profile private, but if you’re wondering how to view private Instagram accounts, there are a few ways you can see what is behind the curtain.Even when you’re looking into how to get likes on Instagram, don’t feel bad about locking your profile down if you think you would like a private page of your own. There is nothing wrong with having quality over quantity when it comes to the people viewing your content on social networks such as Instagram.

How to View Private Instagram Pages

If you want to check out someone’s private Instagram account, here are the potential steps you can take.

1. Simply request to become a follower. Most people on Instagram have the account logged in on their smartphones, and they will get a follow notification right away when you request to become a follower of theirs. To request to become their follower, simply navigate to their profile page and hit the Request button. If they approve your follow request, you will be able to see all of the content on their page just like you would with any public Instagram account.

2. Look at other social platforms. Nowadays, it is perfectly normal for folks to have pages on more than one social network. If you are wondering how to view private Instagram accounts and aren’t having any luck getting an approval to follow them, simply look on other social platforms. Is their Facebook or Twitter account public? If so, you will probably be able to see their content on these sites.

3. Last resort – simply ask a friend if they are an approved follower. Do you know someone else who is already an approved follower of this person? If so, you might think about asking them if you can take a look at the person’s profile through their account. This might be a bit of a strange request to many folks, however, so only do this as a last resort and with someone you trust. Alternatively, you can also try looking up their username on a search engine like Google, but if their account is private, any images from the profile are highly unlikely to have been indexed.

Unraveling the Mystery

A private account can sometimes bring with it an air of mystery, no matter the reason for the person making it private in the first place. If you want to “look behind the curtain,” so to speak, these are some of the main ways to do it on Instagram. If you want to take advantage of a private account for yourself, it is super simple to head to your settings and enable privacy protections on your own Instagram page.
Photo by Lisa from Pexels