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How to unmute someone on Instagram

Can I Unmute Someone on Instagram After Muting Them?

On many social networks, some users will often simply overload news feeds of other folks with content, be it memes, political screeds, or something else. If you ever grow tired of seeing someone’s posts but don’t wish to unfollow or block them, you might just decide to mute them for a time. This makes their posts invisible to you on your feed.What if you decide you would like to go back to seeing someone’s posts? Is there a way to do so? If you have recently found yourself wondering how to unmute someone on Instagram that you might have muted in the past, it is just as simple to unmute them as it was to mute them in the first place.

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

Ready to go back to seeing someone’s content that you have not seen in awhile? In order to unmute an Instagram account, you will just need to follow these tips.

Step 1: Open Instagram and search for the account you want to unmute Open the Instagram application up on your phone, and then navigate over to the search bar where you can look for users and hashtags. Search for the person’s name, and wait for it to show up. After it appears in the search field, click on the person’s username to be taken to their profile.

Step 2: Find the Following field After you have been taken to the person’s profile from the search field, take a look around their profile. You should see their username, their profile photo, and the like. Look for the Following section, and tap on it. You will then be given a menu of further options you can use.

Step 3: Unmute the person When you have expanded the options from the Following section on the person’s Instagram profile, you should see an option labeled “Posts.” Next to this label, you should see a slider button. You would have tapped this option in the past to have muted the profile, so simply tap on the slider icon again in order to unmute the person’s posts.

That’s it! It’s that simple. Now, you should be able to see the person’s posts again when you go to your news feed. If there is anyone else you might have muted that you would like to resume seeing posts from again, just repeat this process for any profiles you might have muted recently. Your news feed will once again be populated by posts from them – unless you decide to change your mind later on.

Muted No More

The mute and unmute options are powerful features enabling you to have further control over your Instagram experience. Knowing how to unmute someone on Instagram is just another tool in your belt for content creators looking to expand their knowledge on the platform and learn how to get more likes on Instagram, as well as comments and other engagement.Get used to these great features, and eventually, everything the photo-sharing platform has to offer will become second-nature to you.