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How to put multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Can I Add More Than One Photo in My Instagram Story?

When you share an Instagram Story with your followers, you are inviting everyone to take a look at a moment or a series of moments in your life that you would like others to indulge in. Sometimes, this might mean wanting to post more than one photo at a time – after all, you can’t always fit an entire story into one picture. 

With that in mind, have you found yourself wondering how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story? You have probably seen other accounts post Stories with more than one picture or video in them, and wondered how you can go about doing it yourself so you can share your favorite memories with your audience through a Story. 

If this is the case, don’t worry about it too much – it is deceptively easy to post more than one photo on your Story. So, don’t stress about how to post multiple pictures on Instagram Story, just check out the easy list of hints below to gain all of the knowledge you need. 

How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Adding multiple photos in one go to your Instagram Story is actually quite simple. Here are the steps anyone with an Instagram account can follow to get it done: 

Step 1: Navigate to your Instagram Stories
Once there, look to the right of the page, where you are able to select different camera modes for your photo. On this selection, choose Layout. 

Step 2: Select the photos you would like to add
After choosing the Layout option from your camera modes, you will be taken to the usual photo-taking screen. Look to the bottom left corner of the screen, and you will be able to see a small square icon with a plus sign (“+”) over it. Click on this icon, and you will be able to add photos.
Clicking on this icon will take you to a photo selection screen. Choose all of the photos you would like to add to the Story before moving onto the final step. 

Step 3: Add your pictures to your Story
Finally, all you need to do once your image slots have been filled on the previous screen is to simply tap the button labeled Your story in order to post them. You can make collages of up to 2-8 photos at a time when using this method to post multiple photos to your Story.

Capturing Your Audience With a Memorable Story

People wondering how to get likes on Instagram or simply how to connect with their audience in an intimate way, will like to know that they can take advantage of Stories to make it happen. These are highly personal posts shared with your community, and knowing how to post multiple pictures on Instagram Story will make it that much easier to really connect with your audience and get them hooked on your content, so they will keep coming back to your page for more.

Photo by Jeremy Levin from Pexels