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What are Facebook Views?

When using Facebook, they can watch videos that users have posted on their page. These are known as video views.

Video views are an essential metric in both marketing and social media platforms because it shows how many times a video was viewed by people online. This is precious information for companies because they can gain insight into the effectiveness of specific campaigns. It's also useful for individuals who want to prove how successful their campaign or content might be on the internet, specifically on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

One instance of famous online personalities gaining massive amounts of success using these metrics would be Jake Paul. He is extremely well-known on social media for his vlogs and pranks he acts out on the internet. His most popular videos have nearly 2 billion views, which is an incredible feat to accomplish.

Although these numbers may feel like they're just good numbers to show off, it's important to remember that video views are just one of many features that some people utilize to market their business or product. It's a metric that many companies use when attempting to determine whether or not their campaign was successful because it tells them how many times a particular video was seen by different audiences all over the world. It can be beneficial for social media influencers because it gives them an idea of the success their content can generate online.

Can more likes get my videos viral? 

Your first instinct may be to post your videos to Facebook groups with large audiences. Unfortunately, this is no longer an effective way of getting exposure for your video. It could even hurt the longevity of the video by making it appear spammy rather than authentic. Posting content en masse can severely affect how well certain types of posts are received on Facebook by users, including page posts and videos alike. Before posting anything to multiple Facebook groups, consider whether or not it would benefit both yourself and the group members before pressing "Post."

Generally speaking, more likes mean that individual users found your content worthy enough to contribute their social proof. This can signal to Facebook's algorithm that your content is of high quality and could cause it to show up in more people's feeds, which means more views for you.

The ideal objective is not to aim for the maximum number of likes possible but rather to generate a reasonable number of likes from real viewers who find value in your video. This is because Facebook has been known to detect and remove fake accounts on its platform and on Instagram, as well as videos with fake engagements such as - using bots or purchasing followers.

As this reduces the authenticity of your video on both platforms, these kinds of practices can be detrimental to the success of your social media marketing campaigns on both platforms.

Interesting content will go viral faster

It's pretty easy to get Facebook video views. You need to know what you're doing.

First, here are three things not to do:

  • Don't post your Facebook video on a Thursday at 9 p.m.

  • Don't post it when everyone is sleeping - which means early morning and late evening.

  • Don't use autoplay for your video if it plays automatically in the news feed (it will annoy people).

Now let’s look at four tips on how to get more views on the videos you post on Facebook:

Tip 1: Edit Your Videos To Be As Short And Sweet As Possible

People have short attention spans today. They don't have time to sit through a 10-minute video if they can watch another five-minute video.

Short videos are more likely to be watched in their entirety, resulting in more views overall. It also provides you with more opportunities for people to share your content since the chance of sharing is higher when the post doesn't take up too much of someone's time.

Tip 2: Give People A Reason To Share Your Content

Don't just think about what you want out of your Facebook video - think about what other people want as well. If you can add value to their lives by giving them something interesting or valuable that they wouldn't get otherwise, then they're going to be more likely to share your content and get it in front of their friends and family.

Tip 3: Think Outside The Box For Your Video Thumbnails

Yes, video thumbnails matter when driving traffic to a video on YouTube (or anywhere for that matter). And while some say Facebook will look at keywords in the title and description of videos when deciding which ones to show users in their news feeds - we're not entirely sure this is true or not.

Either way, if your title and description are optimized for one thing, your video thumbnail should be optimized for another. If people only watch your videos based on how they show up in their news feeds (which is what Facebook says) - then how it looks in the news feed must also matter, which means you need to make sure it's engaging enough to grab people's attention and get them to click through.

People won't be able to take action if you don't give them something specific. Don't just say, "I hope you enjoyed the video," and leave it at that. It would help if you gave your audience as many opportunities as possible to engage with your content and learn more about it (and about you).