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How to get likes on Instagram

Getting More Likes on Your Instagram Account

Anyone who is trying to make a splash in the world of online marketing or social media should make sure they have a presence of some kind set up on Instagram. It is, after all, the second largest social platform in the world, behind only its parent company’s platform, Facebook. Billions of people are registered on the site, and millions of them sign in every day to share content and interact with friends and favorite influencers.

How can you take advantage of these huge numbers of users on Instagram? One thing you can do (besides making great, original content to share) is to be sure you are engaging on the platform. You likely know that the amount of likes you get on Instagram and the amount of engagement you get is a big thing when it comes to how your account is viewed, and you can work on those numbers by taking some important and helpful steps to boost your account.

So, don’t worry about how to get likes on Instagram anymore. Take a few of the tips outlined in this guide into account and put them into practice in your own posting on the photo-sharing platform, and you can grow your own profile while making important connections with other creators, as well.

How to Get Likes on Instagram

Likes aren’t everything on Instagram, but they are a major part of making your profile appear more trustworthy and getting even more users to engage with you. Your main goal to increase your discoverability on Instagram should be to get as much engagement on your profile as possible, and this means building up likes, comments, and followers.

To do this, you’ll need to do some experimentation and careful curation of your content. However, do it right, and the rewards might be great. Here are some of the main things you should be doing to increase your likes and other engagement metrics on Instagram.

The most obvious step – share great and original content

This one should come as no surprise, but it is the single most important thing you should be doing consistently to get visibility and engagement on your Instagram page. Knowing how to come up with great content and then present it well on the platform can go miles in building up your audience, your amount of followers, and the number of likes you find yourself getting on your page.

Try to make original content that no one else is doing. Try not to simply copy others’ work – you are building your own brand, after all, and you don’t want it to seem like a simple copycat image of someone else. Come up with cool videos or take beautiful photos and post regularly.

Know how to take advantage of some of Instagram’s coolest features for presenting your content, including how to put multiple pictures on an Instagram Story and how you can use the platform’s built-in photo editing tools to make awesome edits of your photos. You should also know how you can take advantage of Instagram Live if you want to connect with your audience in real time.

Make sure you let your followers know how to watch Instagram Live so you are able to get more people onto any live-streams you might decide to do on the platform. After all, the more people you can connect with, the more might follow you – which can build your amount of followers and the amount of likes on your posts quickly if you can attract a good amount of people to your page.

Great content is the cornerstone when it comes to how to get likes on Instagram, so make sure it is the first thing you are focusing on.

Add some personal touches, and know how to remove unwanted content

Add further custom touches to the content on your Instagram by looking into how to add a song to an Instagram Story if you want to give a musical feel to your Live content. This not only adds a further element to your content that other Stories might not have, but it allows you to share a bit of your personality with your taste in tunes. You don’t have to just play others’ songs, either – if you know how to play an instrument or sing a song, make your Story or your Instagram Live your own personal concert where your audience can enjoy your talent.

Sometimes, you will probably end up making a post that you think might need a further edit, or you just don’t like it anymore. Make sure you brush up on how to delete an Instagram post if you aren’t happy with it for some reason, so you can make space on your profile for other content.

Post consistently

The Instagram algorithm loves to share accounts that share great content often, and the more great content you post at regular rates, the more you can expect to be seen. Consistent posters often get more engagement more often, so make sure you are posting and continuing to interact with anyone who might engage with your posts.

Know how to engage with people to attract them to your page

On Instagram, as well as on most other social platforms, engagement is a sort of currency. People love to follow influencers and content creators who engage frequently back with them, so make sure you are getting out there and being social on Instagram!

This is one of the easier things to do, but you need to be consistent about it. Check out other peoples’ content, comment on it, like it, and follow other people. Make sure you know how to turn on post notifications on Instagram so you never miss the opportunity to engage with your favorite creators.

If you want to add someone to one of your posts or get them to see a post you find awesome, make sure you know how to tag someone on Instagram for those times that you want to share something with specific accounts.

Know how to use Instagram’s other features for further control

You should also be able to choose who you don’t engage with on social platforms, and Instagram makes it simple to do just that. For example, knowing how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram is helpful information if you suspect someone has blocked you when their content suddenly stops showing up for you.

Sometimes, you might also get overwhelmed with certain accounts on the platform, and wish to take a break from seeing their content. Knowing how to mute and how to unmute someone on Instagram can be a good way to have some control over what you see when you don’t want to see as much from certain creators, but don’t wish to block them.

If you wish to limit who can see your account, you can also make it Private. With this feature on, folks will not be able to follow you without making a follow request, which you can approve or deny. If you’re wondering how to view a private Instagram account, you will have to do a follow request of your own, and let the person approve you so you can engage with them further.

Get Out There and Post!

Now that you know how to get likes on Instagram, it is time for you to take all of your newfound information and apply it to your own posts on the platform. Get out there, engage with other accounts, make sure you are coming up with great content, and post it when you can. Keep doing this, and you should watch your likes, followers, and engagement continue to climb the more you post great stuff that people want to see.

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How to turn on post notifications on Instagram

Turning on Post Notifications for Accounts on Instagram

Sometimes, when browsing through photos on Instagram, you might notice that you are not seeing the posts of accounts you have followed as regularly as you might like in your feed. This is due to how Instagram’s algorithm sorts posts, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have some level of control over it.

In fact, if you notice that you aren’t seeing enough of a particular person’s post, you can always turn on post notifications for their account so you never miss a post. When this feature is enabled for any Instagram account you follow, your Instagram application will send you a notification right on your phone that you can simply tap on to view the post in question.

A fun fact – engaging with posts can be a great method for anyone wondering how to get likes on Instagram, and knowing when your favorite accounts make posts can be a good way to work on engagement with other accounts and audiences.

Don’t worry about wondering how to turn on post notifications on Instagram anymore, because this handy guide is going to outline each step for you so you will never post from your favorite accounts again.

How to Turn on Post Notifications on Instagram

Turning on post notifications for any account on Instagram is quite simple when you know the steps. Follow these steps exactly, and you should find it simple to turn on post notifications for any account you’d like, whether they are your best friends or your favorite influencers.

Step 1: Make your way to the Instagram account you are trying to turn on notifications for.
The first thing you will need to do in order to enable post notifications is to head to the profile page of the Instagram page you would like to be notified about. Simply type their username into the search field of the Instagram app and then click on their name when it comes up to head to their profile. Alternatively, you can simply click on their name in your newsfeed if you see a post from them appear.

Step 2: Click on the “three dots” menu found on the account or on a post.
If you look at the post or on the profile page of the account you would like to be notified about, you will notice a little icon that look like three dots (“…”). Click on this icon to be shown a menu with further options you can choose from.

Step 3: Click on the appropriate option to enable notifications.
The last step for anyone wondering how to turn on post notifications on Instagram is to simply click on “Turn on Post Notifications” when the option appears in the drop-down menu shown to you when you click on the “three dots” menu. When you enable this option, you will now be shown notifications anytime the account makes a new post.

Keeping Up With Your Favorite Posters

If you are having a hard time seeing all of the posts you would like to see on the massive photo-sharing platform, then this is the best way to make sure you don’t miss an important post. Hopefully, anyone wondering how to turn on post notifications on Instagram will help them keep up with their favorite accounts easily, so you will always be able to keep up with your favorite content creators anytime.

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How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram

How Can I Tell Whether I Have Been Blocked on Instagram?

Instagram is easily one of the world’s largest social platforms, bringing in millions of active users a day. This brings a huge opportunity for marketers and content creators looking to capitalize on the amount of users the platform has, and allow them to show off their content to their potential audience.

For anyone wondering how to get likes on Instagram, the ability to connect with your ideal audience is critical in engaging with and building your community. However, sometimes, you might find that a certain account might not be engaging with you like it used to be, and for some folks, the first thought that jumps to their mind might be to wonder whether or not the Instagram account in question has simply blocked their account for some reason.

So, have you been wondering how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram? You don’t need to spend much more time wondering about it, because thankfully, it is quite simple to tell whether someone has blocked you on the platform or not. To see if you have been blocked by a specific account, keep the following tips in the back of your mind.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Instagram

Here is a simple list of steps anyone can follow to see if they have been blocked on Instagram by any account.

Step 1: Look for their name in the search bar
This is one of the quickest ways to tell whether an account has blocked you on Instagram. If you remember their username, try searching for it. If it doesn’t appear in the search bar for you so that you can click on it and view the profile, then there are one of two reasons: Either the account has blocked you, or the account has been deleted.

Step 2: Are you seeing less of their posts?
If you normally see a lot of posts from an account and then suddenly stop seeing them, it is possible that you have been blocked – but it is also possible that Instagram’s algorithm simply isn’t showing as many of the same posts. Try searching for the account’s name in the search bar to make sure you simply aren’t seeing less of their posts.

Step 3: See if you can direct message the user
On Instagram, if you have been blocked, you will no longer be able to message a user. Folks wondering how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram should take a look at their message histories and see if they have an inability to reply to a specific conversation – if so, chances are that this account has blocked yours.

Blocked or Not?

With a little searching and looking around, you can easily find out how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram. While you probably don’t like the feeling of being blocked, and you might even wonder what you did, don’t worry about it too much. There are millions of users on Instagram, and you will never be able to please all of them with your content.

Just keep making the best original content you can, get it out there for the world to enjoy, and your ideal audience will come to you – while those who have blocked you will simply miss out on the fun.

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How to watch Instagram Live

Watching Your Favorite Creators on Instagram Live

When Snapchat arrived on the scene back in the mid-2010’s, it made a big deal with its much-loved “Stories” feature, which enabled anyone to watch short clips of their favorite content creators in action. Instagram and other platforms quickly started coming up with their own answers to this feature, and Instagram’s comes in the form of Instagram live, where influencers on the platform can quickly share their thoughts with their audience live, right over video.

If you’re wondering how to get likes on Instagram for your own account, knowing how to utilize Instagram Live to reach your audience is crucial. However, if you’re simply a follower looking to find out how to watch Instagram Live for yourself, you will find that it is very simple to get logged on and viewing your favorite people live on the platform.

Don’t spend too much time wondering how to watch Instagram Live videos when you can simply follow this simple guide, outlining how you can get started with watching your favorite influencers.

How to Watch Instagram Live

Watching Instagram Live is very easy to get going with. Here is each step you need to follow in order to get started. Follow each step, and you will be watching your favorite people in just a short few minutes.

Step 1: Look at the top of your Instagram feed
Log onto the Instagram application on your phone, and take a look at the very top of your feed. If any of the people you follow are currently live, you will see their picture at the top of your feed, with the word Live right beside the icon, letting you know this person is currently broadcasting.

Step 2: Start watching the broadcast of your choice 
Sometimes, you might notice more than one person is live when viewing the top of your Instagram feed. If you are given a choice of people to check out, simply tap the profile icon of the person whose broadcast you would like to view. When you tap on their picture, you will be taken to their broadcast where you can watch the stream live as it unfolds, and interact with it if you would like.

Step 3: Enjoy viewing or interacting with your favorite content creators
Once you are watching the broadcast, you are free to sit and watch, or you can interact further. You can tap on the comment button at the bottom of the screen to leave a comment for the broadcaster, you can share hearts to let them know you are enjoying the content, and more. After it’s over, you can also go back and watch the replay if you want.

Staying Up to Date With Instagram Live

Live video is a great way to connect with your audience, and watching your favorite content creators live can be a lot of fun for anyone following their favorite people online. Hopefully, you will now know how to watch Instagram Live easily, so you will be able to confidently enjoy a broadcast anytime you log onto Instagram.

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How to view a private Instagram

Is it Possible to View a Private Instagram?

When you are surfing through Instagram and looking for more accounts that you can follow and engage with, you are sure to eventually come across an account that clearly has content, but has it locked behind a privacy layer. How are you able to view this content if the person has it locked down?

Well, Instagram users usually have good reasons for wanting to lock their content down. Maybe they want to curate their audience more closely, or maybe they are trying to protect themselves from potential online stalkers. There are plenty of reasons to want to make your profile private, but if you’re wondering how to view private Instagram accounts, there are a few ways you can see what is behind the curtain.

Even when you’re looking into how to get likes on Instagram, don’t feel bad about locking your profile down if you think you would like a private page of your own. There is nothing wrong with having quality over quantity when it comes to the people viewing your content on social networks such as Instagram.

How to View Private Instagram Pages

If you want to check out someone’s private Instagram account, here are the potential steps you can take.

1. Simply request to become a follower.
Most people on Instagram have the account logged in on their smartphones, and they will get a follow notification right away when you request to become a follower of theirs. To request to become their follower, simply navigate to their profile page and hit the Request button. If they approve your follow request, you will be able to see all of the content on their page just like you would with any public Instagram account.

2. Look at other social platforms.
Nowadays, it is perfectly normal for folks to have pages on more than one social network. If you are wondering how to view private Instagram accounts and aren’t having any luck getting an approval to follow them, simply look on other social platforms. Is their Facebook or Twitter account public? If so, you will probably be able to see their content on these sites.

3. Last resort – simply ask a friend if they are an approved follower.
Do you know someone else who is already an approved follower of this person? If so, you might think about asking them if you can take a look at the person’s profile through their account. This might be a bit of a strange request to many folks, however, so only do this as a last resort and with someone you trust.
Alternatively, you can also try looking up their username on a search engine like Google, but if their account is private, any images from the profile are highly unlikely to have been indexed.

Unraveling the Mystery

A private account can sometimes bring with it an air of mystery, no matter the reason for the person making it private in the first place. If you want to “look behind the curtain,” so to speak, these are some of the main ways to do it on Instagram. If you want to take advantage of a private account for yourself, it is super simple to head to your settings and enable privacy protections on your own Instagram page.

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How to add song to Instagram Story

Can I Add Music to My Instagram Story?

Have you been working on making more original content for your Instagram account? There are so many things you can do in an effort to make your page stand out from the crowd, but have you ever thought about simply adding music to your Instagram content?

One of the most popular features on Instagram since it was added is the Stories function. It allows folks to share and connect with their audience in new ways, and allows for a good deal of customization to really make it personal. Have you ever spent time wondering how to add song to Instagram story? It is a very simple process to add that personal touch to your Stories.

How to Add Song to Instagram Story

When you think it is time to add some tunes to your Instagram Story content, just follow these easy steps to make it happen on your next Story.

Step 1: Add music right from Instagram
Instagram already offers a library of tunes you can include in your Stories. After you have a Story set up with all of the content you want and would like to add some music, simply tap the Sticker icon near the top edge of the screen.
Once you have been brought to the Sticker options, tap on the Music sticker to proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Search for the music you would like to add
Once you arrive on the next screen, you will be able to search for music to add to your Story. You can sort in several different ways, with the ability to sort by Song, Album, or even Artist. When you find a song you think you might like, you can check out a preview of it by tapping on the Play button.
If you don’t think you have a particular song you might like to add, you can simply browse around popular selections by checking out the Popular tab, or simply choose to sort by genre.

Step 3: Add the tune into the Story
Once you have found the song you would like to add into your Story, simply tap the song. You will then be able to edit how it will fit into your Story, and it will play for a maximum of 15 seconds. You can play with what portion of the track plays in what part of your Story, too.
As you can see, it really is that easy to get done – so now that you know how to add song to Instagram Story, you can finally get it done for yourself.

Feeling a Little Musical

If you are wanting to learn how to get likes on Instagram, then knowing how to produce original and fun content is one of the biggest steps you should take. When you know how to add song to Instagram Story, it gives you one more way to make your content stand out to your followers, which will encourage them to continue following you, and maybe even add more followers to your growing ranks.

A little music can go a long way as it is known as the universal language, so why not think about using some great music to connect with your audience the next time you think about making an Instagram Story?

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How to delete an Instagram Post

Can I Delete Posts on My Instagram Page?

Instagram is known as the home of shutterbugs and content creators the world over, with a very passionate (and often, younger) user base. This kind of passion from the platform’s users is what keeps it so popular, and what also makes it a great place for influencers, marketers, and people who just love viewing and sharing great visual content.

Like on other social platforms, of course, you might also end up making a post that you didn’t mean to make. Maybe you didn’t get the perfect edit before you hit the post button, or maybe you selected the wrong video – or simply didn’t like your captions. Whatever the case, there are sure to be times when you wonder how to delete the Instagram post from your account.

Luckily, the process is very straightforward, and the developers at Instagram have done a good job of making it simple for everyone to be able to understand how it is done.

How to Delete Instagram Post

Wondering how you can go about deleting a post on Instagram, but not having any luck in figuring it out? Here are the three easy steps you should follow to know how to delete Instagram post you might not want on your page anymore:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile
The first thing you should do is make your way to your Instagram profile in order to find the post you would like to remove. Log onto the Instagram application, and look on the bottom panel. On the far right side of the screen, you will see a small icon with your profile picture on it. Click on this image to be taken to your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Find the post you want to delete
Once you have arrived at your Instagram profile, you will be presented with a grid of all of your photos and videos as normal. Scroll around until you find the picture or video you would like to remove, and then click on the image to expand it into a larger view.

Step 3: Delete the post
With the content in a larger view for you to see and interact with further, look on the far right side of the post, on the top edge of the screen. You should see a small icon that looks like three dots (“…”). Click on this icon, and you will be presented with a list of options.
At the top of the list of options, you should see an option labeled Delete. Click on this button, and you will be asked to confirm whether or not you would actually like to delete the content. Make the confirmation, and the post will be deleted from your profile.

A Simple Process For Everyone

As you can see, it’s not hard at all to learn how to delete Instagram post from your page on the social giant. The next time you accidentally make a post that you weren’t quite finished with, or just decide you would like to clean up some old posts on your page, simply follow this easy process for each post you would like to remove.

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How to tag someone on Instagram

Is it Easy to Tag People on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the biggest social destinations on the internet for anyone who is looking to share their favorite memories with the world in the form of pictures and videos of their lives. Instagram is certainly one of the largest social platforms out there, with billions of active users. With all of these folks on the platform, you are sure to eventually want to tag someone in a post to share it with them.

So, if you find a post on Instagram that you really want to tag someone in, how do you go about doing it? Maybe you even want to tag someone in your own Instagram posts in order to bring up engagement – a common strategy for Instagrammers wondering how to get likes on Instagram. However, taking it one step at a time to learn all of the features of the social giant will allow you to take advantage of it much more easily.

So, don’t worry about wondering how to tag someone on Instagram anymore. Follow these easy steps to get your favorite accounts tagged on your favorite (or on your own) content.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram

Tagging other users on Instagram is deceptively easy, but don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it. After checking out these three super-simple-to-follow tips, you’ll be tagging others on Instagram like a boss.

Step 1: Make sure you know their Instagram username
The first thing you should know when wondering how to tag someone on Instagram is the username of the person you are wanting to tag in a post. This will be relevant in a couple of steps, as you might find it harder to tag someone if you don’t know what their name on the platform is.

Step 2: Create a post
The next thing you will need to do is get a post ready to tag your friend in. Set up the post the way you like it with the coolest photo and a nice caption, and then do whatever edits you would like. On the next screen, before you tap on “Share”, you should see a Tag People option right below the caption area, above the Add Location option.
This is where the next step takes place.

Step 3: Tag your friends
Click on the Tag People option we discussed in the last step. Here, you will be able to type out the name of the person you would like to tag or select their name from the drop-down list. You can tag one person, or multiple Instagram users in the same post. Once you’re done tagging, simply select the Share icon to post your content with all of your newly tagged people in it.

It’s That Simple!

Yes, tagging folks on Instagram really is that simple. Now, you don’t have to worry about how to tag someone on Instagram anymore, and can confidently make any post you would like and know how to properly tag all of the folks you would like in your post.

Tagging has become a huge part of sharing memories on social media, and now that you are armed with this knowledge, you are all set to use this feature for yourself.

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How to unmute someone on Instagram

Can I Unmute Someone on Instagram After Muting Them?

On many social networks, some users will often simply overload news feeds of other folks with content, be it memes, political screeds, or something else. If you ever grow tired of seeing someone’s posts but don’t wish to unfollow or block them, you might just decide to mute them for a time. This makes their posts invisible to you on your feed.

What if you decide you would like to go back to seeing someone’s posts? Is there a way to do so? If you have recently found yourself wondering how to unmute someone on Instagram that you might have muted in the past, it is just as simple to unmute them as it was to mute them in the first place.

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

Ready to go back to seeing someone’s content that you have not seen in awhile? In order to unmute an Instagram account, you will just need to follow these tips.

Step 1: Open Instagram and search for the account you want to unmute
Open the Instagram application up on your phone, and then navigate over to the search bar where you can look for users and hashtags. Search for the person’s name, and wait for it to show up.
After it appears in the search field, click on the person’s username to be taken to their profile.

Step 2: Find the Following field
After you have been taken to the person’s profile from the search field, take a look around their profile. You should see their username, their profile photo, and the like. Look for the Following section, and tap on it. You will then be given a menu of further options you can use.

Step 3: Unmute the person
When you have expanded the options from the Following section on the person’s Instagram profile, you should see an option labeled “Posts.” Next to this label, you should see a slider button. You would have tapped this option in the past to have muted the profile, so simply tap on the slider icon again in order to unmute the person’s posts.

That’s it! It’s that simple. Now, you should be able to see the person’s posts again when you go to your news feed. If there is anyone else you might have muted that you would like to resume seeing posts from again, just repeat this process for any profiles you might have muted recently. Your news feed will once again be populated by posts from them – unless you decide to change your mind later on.

Muted No More

The mute and unmute options are powerful features enabling you to have further control over your Instagram experience. Knowing how to unmute someone on Instagram is just another tool in your belt for content creators looking to expand their knowledge on the platform and learn how to get more likes on Instagram, as well as comments and other engagement.

Get used to these great features, and eventually, everything the photo-sharing platform has to offer will become second-nature to you.

How to put multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Can I Add More Than One Photo in My Instagram Story?

When you share an Instagram Story with your followers, you are inviting everyone to take a look at a moment or a series of moments in your life that you would like others to indulge in. Sometimes, this might mean wanting to post more than one photo at a time – after all, you can’t always fit an entire story into one picture. 

With that in mind, have you found yourself wondering how to put multiple pictures on Instagram Story? You have probably seen other accounts post Stories with more than one picture or video in them, and wondered how you can go about doing it yourself so you can share your favorite memories with your audience through a Story. 

If this is the case, don’t worry about it too much – it is deceptively easy to post more than one photo on your Story. So, don’t stress about how to post multiple pictures on Instagram Story, just check out the easy list of hints below to gain all of the knowledge you need. 

How to Put Multiple Pictures on Instagram Story

Adding multiple photos in one go to your Instagram Story is actually quite simple. Here are the steps anyone with an Instagram account can follow to get it done: 

Step 1: Navigate to your Instagram Stories
Once there, look to the right of the page, where you are able to select different camera modes for your photo. On this selection, choose Layout. 

Step 2: Select the photos you would like to add
After choosing the Layout option from your camera modes, you will be taken to the usual photo-taking screen. Look to the bottom left corner of the screen, and you will be able to see a small square icon with a plus sign (“+”) over it. Click on this icon, and you will be able to add photos.
Clicking on this icon will take you to a photo selection screen. Choose all of the photos you would like to add to the Story before moving onto the final step. 

Step 3: Add your pictures to your Story
Finally, all you need to do once your image slots have been filled on the previous screen is to simply tap the button labeled Your story in order to post them. You can make collages of up to 2-8 photos at a time when using this method to post multiple photos to your Story.

Capturing Your Audience With a Memorable Story

People wondering how to get likes on Instagram or simply how to connect with their audience in an intimate way, will like to know that they can take advantage of Stories to make it happen. These are highly personal posts shared with your community, and knowing how to post multiple pictures on Instagram Story will make it that much easier to really connect with your audience and get them hooked on your content, so they will keep coming back to your page for more.

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